Protect Your Home in Orem, UT

You can improve it with our reroofing services

Has your roof seen better days? If you want new shingles without a full replacement, turn to T. Reynolds Roofing, LLC in Orem, UT. With our reroofing services, we can install a new layer of shingles over your existing ones. This will allow you to hold off on a full replacement for a few more years.

Contact a local roofer now for a reroofing quote. Please note that reroofing won't address any underlying roofing issues.

Is reroofing right for your home?

A reroofing project is a great option if you aren't interested in a complete replacement. Our local roofer finds that many homeowners prefer reroofing because it's:

Fast - reroofing cuts out demolition time
Effective - a new layer of shingles will protect your roof
Affordable - this process costs less than a roof replacement

You can only reroof your home once before needing a full replacement. For more information on reroofing services, reach out to our experts.