Corrugated metal roofing may be the right choice for your home in Orem, UT

Time to Replace Your Outdated Roof?

Metal roofs are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. These kinds of roofs keep water out, stand up to high winds and are fire-resistant. T. Reynolds Roofing, LLC can tackle your metal roof repair or installation in Orem, UT. Our metal roof repair pros know how to maintain and care for your roof with ease.

Boost your curb appeal and improve the resale value of your home. Contact us today to get a metal roof for your home.

The benefits of installing a metal roof

Considering corrugated metal roofing for your home? This kind of roof is a great option for various reasons. It can:

Last a minimum of 30 years when installed correctly
Put less overall stress on your roof with its light weight
Reflect solar heat to reduce cooling loads in the summer

Additionally, an expert can install corrugated metal roofing over existing roofing, so you can save money on demolition and installation costs. If you're interested in installing a metal roof, discuss your options with an expert today.